The Future of
Family Care

HelloFam is the simplest way to take care of your family’s health, including your own!

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Taking care of parents can be hard

As working professionals, we are often pulled in many directions at the same time. Managing our careers while taking care of our own children can be overwhelming. On top of this, how can we navigate a complex healthcare system to support the needs of our aging parents?

HelloFam seeks to bring peace of mind to you and your parents. When it comes to your parents’ proactive wellness, or their recovery, our mission is to keep you in the know. Better communication between you, healthcare advisors, and your parents will mean that you won’t overlook early signals that can lead to bigger problems. If health problems do emerge, we help you address them proactively.

Why HelloFam?    Why HelloFam?

Conversations are key for delivering timely care

HelloFam coordinates discussions between your parents, healthcare advisors and consulting physicians to ensure your parents are cared for in a holistic way.

Be a part of the conversation and champion your parents’ care in the way they deserve.

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Personalized care coordination

Our health advisors ask the tough questions at every check-in around mental health, sleep, memory, balance, and nutrition. They want to be sure that all areas pertaining to the personal health and wellness of your loved ones are covered.

Don’t miss the early signals!

Easily review the data from wearable devices and care conversations in one place.

HelloFam is designed for your ease and convenience

Easy-to-use interface

HelloFam is simple to use with no learning curve.

Professional Health Guides

A specially trained support team connects your parents with the right resources to help them realize their health goals while allowing them to directly consult physician when required.

Linking Apple Health

When your parents link their Apple Health to HelloFam, you and the health advisor will be kept up-to-date even if your parents might not have informed you.

Privacy & Security

The health information of your loved ones is protected with their privacy and security in mind.

Group Conversations

See all the discussions between your parents, health advisors and consulting physician. Join in, too.

Free to use

HelloFam’s pilot program is offered at no cost to you.

What our users are saying?

You treated me and my Grandpa with a level of dignity and respect that I hadn’t felt in a very, very long time…You showed me kindness when I needed it most.

Shannon L.

I worry less about my mom knowing that the Health Guide will keep an eye on her.

Carolyn W.

Both me and my dad are very pleased with your recommendations. Each of the doctors you connected me with were responsive to his issues.

John K.

Best in class clinicians

HelloFam has partnered with leaders in the healthcare industry to provide a personalized experience for our users.

Frequently asked questions

What does it cost?

Nothing. We are launching HelloFam as a public pilot. During this period we are not charging users. We will ultimately use the pilot feedback to establish a transparent and reasonable monthly pricing model.

How can I get started?

iPhone users can download HelloFam today! HelloFam is now available on the App Store for iPhone users in this pilot phase. Sign up and our Health Guide can help you and your loved one get connected and experience the benefits of conversational care.

Where is HelloFam available?

Hellofam health guide services are available in all 50 states across the US. In order to receive Hellofam health guide plus physician services users must reside in one of the following 15 states: Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, or Washington.